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Butt Glazed Fire Resistant Windows & Partions

Now ever demanding design ideas, such as glass facades and light-flooded interior rooms, can be realised at the highest safety level with our latest butt glazed fire resistant glass systems

  • All glass partition systems available up to 60 minutes fire integrity and insulation (60/60 – EI60)
  • Specially suitable for large-scale applications, such as interior facades and partitions
  • Narrow joint widths without vertical profiles
  • Glazing possible with silicone or narrow H profiles
  • Can be combined with various frame profiles and fire rated doors
  • Flush glazing – uninterrupted glass surface (with silicone glazing)
  • UV stable
  • Crash and accidental human impact safety provided by laminated safety glass
  • High personal comfort based on excellent sound reduction values


  • EI 30 or EI 60 (full insulation and maximum temperature rise 140°)
  • Tested as per EN 1363 ff and EN 1364 ff
  • Symmetrical fire protection
  • Opaque in case of fire
  • Maximum protection against radiant heat transfer

Butt jointed fire rated screen for gymAdditional features

  • UV resistant
  • Tested accidental human impact and crash safety (as per TRAV)
  • Sound reduction: 42dB for 23mm thickness / 44dB for 32mm thickness