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What we do

Securtask Limited are an ASD-Architectural / Forster and Stemcor / Voest Alpine approved manufacturer of glazed steel fire resistant-fire rated and security systems as follows;

Fire Resistant (fire rated) Systems

Fire rated doorsFire Resistant / Fire Rated screens, doors, windows and partitioning
From 30 minutes integrity only right through to 120 minutes integrity and insulation.

Ensuring adequate protection to life and property is one of the highest considerations when designing or refurbishing a building. Compliance with the standards laid down for fire safety is both mandatory and crucial. Securtask can help to establish the level of fire performance required and offer a complete solution to meet them.

Each element of a fire screen is as critical as the next. Ensuring that the correct framing system is used in conjunction with the correct glass is an area of our expertise. We can satisfy all requirements for insulation and integrity, and offer finishes to suit client design. Applications include offices, schools, hospitals and public buildings.

Anti Bandit / Anti Attack Systems

Anti Bandit GlazingAnti Bandit / Anti Attack screens, doors, windows and partitioning

A designer can identify and specify the level of protection they require from an assumed level of attack. Securtask design and manufacture systems which resist manual attack, such as might be made by an individual armed with an axe, sledgehammer or crowbar.

This provides delayed access to the protected space for a period of time. The systems are designed specifically to offer maximum protection coupled with aesthetic design and place particular emphasis on frame and glass strength.

Bullet Resistant Systems

Bullet proof glazingBullet Resistant (Bullet proof) screens, doors, windows and partitioning

Our core products include windows, screens, counters, doors and partitions either bespoke or to a modular design, to all categories, including G2/ S86 of BS 5051 right up to BR6 of EN1063.

If attacked by a weapon against which it has been correctly specified to offer protection, the bullet may fracture the panel or frame, however it will not pass through it. Furthermore, the glass panel will not collapse and an effective barrier between the attacker and the protected side will be maintained. Applications include government offices and embassies, airport buildings, banks and building societies, pay offices and cash desks.

Blast Resistant Systems

bomb blast proof glazingBlast Resistant (Blast proof) screens, doors, windows and partitioning

Factors such as frame design and fixing are imperative as is the specification of the glass used. This helps to protect buildings inhabitants and passers by from the after effects caused by an explosive devise, and helps to maintain the fabric of the building.